Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cosque Cave Essay -- Place Essays

Cosque Cave Many, many years ago, a sabotage was in use, and many paintings, drawings, and engravings were put on the walls of the cave. About ten years ago, a man was diving in the Mediterranean and came across something that no 1 would ever think about finding. It was a prehistoric painted cave with an underwater entrance. It is known today as the Cosquer cave. Jean Cosquer, a captain diver, discovered the cave. He was diving for no particular reason, and found a wealth of prehistoric art in the cave. He made this denudation in July 1991, and ever since more and more look into is being do on the Cosquer cave. It is firmly dated one of the Paleolithic painted caves in the world. The entrance to this cave is thirty-seven meters under sea train in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located by Cape Morgiou, in the Calanques, about xii kilometers southeast of Marseilles. It is possible to enter the cave by slithering by water on the stomach th rough a one ascorbic acid and seventy five meter tunnel, after diving to the entrance. Though introduction to the Cosquer cave is now difficult because of the ride in the sea level when cover Age glaciers thawed, theyre still thinking that the cave has neer had an easy entrance. It is thought that the cave was probably ten kilometers from the coast during the Magdalenian period. The rise in the sea level-over one hundred meters by the end of the Ice Age-covered its normal entrance. This is why in that location hasnt been any environmental modify to the Cosquer cave (Davis). The cave is open to researchers. in that location argon researchers down there finding out more and more information. Jean Courtin mainly leads the research on the cave, along wi... ...there in. The Cosquer cave is also a very comical cave. It is unique because of its entrance from underwater and because of the various markings on the cave walls. There are still many unanswered qu estions about Cosquer cave, but since its baring in 1991 researchers have made huge progress in respond the questions. There is a controversy over the entrance of the cave. Some bulk want to drill an opening for an entrance to the cave. Others want the cave to remain as it was found. As of now, the cave is remaining, as it was when it was found. There is still a way to enter the cave it is just not as well-to-do as many would like it to be. Researchers are still the only ones who are allowed in the cave, so there wont be a change in the entrance of the cave until the research is finished and community are allowed to enter the cave on their own.

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